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Muppets, The

[cert U, 103 mins]

The world's biggest Muppet fan, Walter, discovers a wicked plan to destroy the Muppet Theatre. Underneath the Muppets' old stomping ground is a recently discovered oil field. To save the theatre, they need to raise $10 million. Walter, along with Gary and Mary, help Kermit to reunite the Muppets who are scattered around the world. Miss Piggy is Plus-Size fashion editor for Vogue in Paris, Fozzie is in Reno with his tribute band "The Moopets", Gonzo runs a plumbing empire and Animal is in therapy for anger management in a clinic in Santa Barbara. Together, the Muppets plan The Greatest Muppet Telethon Ever.

Wide shot of a muppet talking to 2 humans, backstage at a theatre

Director: James Bobin

Starring: Amy Adams, Jason Segel

Level: KS1, KS2

Subjects: ICT, Literacy, Music

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