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If Not Us, Who? [Wer wenn nicht wir]

[cert 15, 121 mins]

Based on the emotional true story of an explosive era - the tumultuous 20-year relationship between anti-fascist writer Bernward Vesper (August Diehl) and his striking muse/political peer Mutter Ensslin (Susanne Lothar). Together, the two young left-wing lovers set about publishing their own series of politicised literature, urging both East and West Germans not to forget the lessons learnt from the all-too recent Second World War. After fathering Vesper's child, Ensslin becomes infatuated by a young revolutionary in the form of the charismatic Andreas Baader, whose predication for violent forms of protest soon drags the couple into direct confrontation with the powers that be

A young man puts his arm around a young woman as they run through a crowd

Director: Andres Veiel

Starring: August Diehl, Lena Lauzemis and Alexander Fehling

Level: AS, A2, KS4

Subjects: German, History

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