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[cert PG, 81 mins]

Ten-year-old Jojo may as well live alone. Dad always seems to be at work and when he is at home, he often drinks before crashing out for the night, whilst Mum, a singer, is away on tour. Jojo finds a young jackdaw and immediately forms a bond that keeps his morale up and gives him a sense of purpose. He knows that his father will never allow him to keep it, so he begins the secret enterprise of nursing the bird back to full strength. But how long will he be able to keep it a secret?

A boy kisses a jackdaw which is sitting on his hand

Director: Boudewijn Koole

Starring: Rick Lens, Loek Peters, Susan Radder

Level: KS2, KS3

Subjects: Literacy, Media Studies, PSHE & Citizenship

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