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Sherlock Holmes


The film’s official poster is a detailed and complex layered image which provides the viewer with many clues about the film. The poster forms part of the film’s advertising campaign. It is a multimodal text made up of graphic elements and textual elements, where every detail has been carefully constructed to communicate with an audience.

Another key element in getting the film’s message to a wide audience is the theatrical trailer. The trailer not only conveys the film’s genre, the stars and hints at the narrative, it also raises audiences’ expectations about genre. The trailer for Sherlock Holmes shows the audience a classic character fully updated.

Online methods are widely used to raise awareness of films. For Sherlock Holmes, the filmmakers have also produced a detailed, interactive online game that sets up the action of the film. Accessible over a month before the film’s release, the game enables users to work in tandem with a friend to solve the clues.

View all the marketing materials on this page, then use the Task Sheet below to focus your thinking about these key texts.

SH: Awareness Task