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Sherlock Holmes

CD-ROM resource

Please note: The CD-ROM is no longer available.

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Our FREE Educational CD-ROM featured:

Creating Character
Students work closely with the film trailer and character posters exploring how the characters – and in particular Holmes, Watson, Adler and Blackwood – are represented and re-interpreted for a modern audience.

Detect the Detail
Working from key stills students use skills of inference and deduction to analyse the image and comment on the scene.

Framing Holmes
Students explore the online marketing materials for the film, including the posters, trailer and online game, in detail. Their exploration is directed with clues to guide them in producing a detailed commentary on how Holmes is ‘framed’ for a modern audience.

Studying the Screenplay
Using the dialogue from the trailer as a starting point students investigate what each characters’ words reveal about them and their relationships with each other. Visual elements from the film provide the stimulus for students to script their own screenplay extracts.

PLUS Film Education are producing an Educational poster for display in the classroom featuring key tasks on the film’s poster art

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