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First Impressions

Nirpal Bhogal, the film’s director, explains his reasons for working on this project in the press pack for the film:

"There is a distinct lack of public knowledge about female gang culture, which results in a high level of fascination – yet not one film has dared to explore it – until now.

I met with various members of male and female gangs in order to learn why young women were now, more than ever, adopting aggressive male behaviour. The more I immersed myself in their ideologies the more I realised that their shift in behaviour could be explained as progressive adaptation, a theme that is at the very heart of ‘Sket’: society is changing, and girls and women must change with it in order to survive."

Sket Poster
Click to enlarge poster


Look at the poster in detail and work through the following questions:

  1. How does it attract the audience’s interest? What kind of audience do you think this poster will appeal to?
  2. What does this image suggest about the film, in terms of the:
    • Characters – their identity as individuals and as a group
    • Setting
    • Narrative
    • Genre
  3. How does it suggest these things?


Now, watch the trailer for Sket closely, all the way through. Write down five things that summarise your first reaction. Then, working in groups, watch again playing and pausing if you can while taking notes on:

  • How characters are introduced
  • How setting is indicated
  • Hints about plot and narrative
  • Dialogue
  • Sound and music
  • Editing and pace
  • Titles, credits and ‘star’ appeal

How do the poster and the trailer work together to establish an identity for this film that audiences can understand and respond to?

Compare the impact and effectiveness of these two elements of the film’s marketing campaign.


The film’s production notes reveal a great deal about how Sket was conceptualised, why it was made and how the cast and crew worked together to complete the project. Download these notes and divide them up amongst groups, feeding back key points from your section.

Download PDF Click here to download the Sket PDF Production Notes

Text: From the producers of Shank and Anuvahood


Trey: These young’uns, man. Tryin’ a come up, take what’s mine.
Shaks: I will sort it

Trey: Oi! Why didn’t you deal with her?
Shaks: Just leave it!
Trey: What are you talking about, leave it!
Tanya: Leave her alone!
Trey: Stupid bitch
Tanya: I’m sorry
Shaks: Leave her


(beep of ECG machine flatlining)

Kayla: He’s the one that killed me sister
Kayla: I’m gonna kill you


Text: On these streets

Boy on bus: You got no choice anyways!

Text: Girls fight back

Danielle: (shouts) Boy!


Danielle: Come on!

Text: Man’s world

Hannah: We’re not getting involved
Kayla: What happened to protecting each other?
Hannah: We protect ourselves

Text: Sisters’ hood

(beats, music)

Danielle: She won’t help ya. She’s ‘is Sket


Text: ‘Raw, Gritty and insanely… Powerful’ - Sky movies



Danielle: What ‘appens when a girl’s weak? Every man jumps on ‘er

Text: ‘Gripping, intense, electrifying…a must-see’ Flavour

Danielle: The only way you’ll survive is to become like them

Danielle: You call ‘er a sket to our face!

Shaks: Revenge is messy

Text: Sket

Text: credits

Text: In cinemas October 28