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About the Film

Kayla, a young sixteen-year-old, faces the harsh London streets of gangland culture alone. Her mother already dead, her only protector and loving elder sister, Tanya is one day brutally murdered by violent, misogynist gang leader Trey. Swearing vengeance, Kayla joins a girl gang led by the violent, damaged Danielle who has her own reasons for helping Kayla seek retribution.

Director Nirpal Bhogal says:

"‘Sket’ is a derogatory term, defined in urban street culture as a woman with no regard or care for morals or dignity. This fast paced retribution thriller provides a hard hitting front row seat of UK girl gangs and the adrenaline-fuelled criminality they run on."


About this Resource

This educational website takes a close look at the film and the issues that it explores. The content here is designed for students aged 15-19.

The downloadable resource on this page is suitable for use in PSHE lessons for exploring aspects of health and lifestyle choices, identity, relationships and risk in the context of the film. The online content approaches the film from a media and film studies perspective, using stills and moving image to consider aspects of representation, genre and audience. The whole resource is also suitable for use with youth groups and in informal education settings. The final page of this website features transcripts from a Film Education schools screening and Q&A session with the director and members of the cast.

Sket Educational Booklet:

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For more information on Sket please visit www.sketmovie.com

Text: From the producers of Shank and Anuvahood


Trey: These young’uns, man. Tryin’ a come up, take what’s mine.
Shaks: I will sort it

Trey: Oi! Why didn’t you deal with her?
Shaks: Just leave it!
Trey: What are you talking about, leave it!
Tanya: Leave her alone!
Trey: Stupid bitch
Tanya: I’m sorry
Shaks: Leave her


(beep of ECG machine flatlining)

Kayla: He’s the one that killed me sister
Kayla: I’m gonna kill you


Text: On these streets

Boy on bus: You got no choice anyways!

Text: Girls fight back

Danielle: (shouts) Boy!


Danielle: Come on!

Text: Man’s world

Hannah: We’re not getting involved
Kayla: What happened to protecting each other?
Hannah: We protect ourselves

Text: Sisters’ hood

(beats, music)

Danielle: She won’t help ya. She’s ‘is Sket


Text: ‘Raw, Gritty and insanely… Powerful’ - Sky movies



Danielle: What ‘appens when a girl’s weak? Every man jumps on ‘er

Text: ‘Gripping, intense, electrifying…a must-see’ Flavour

Danielle: The only way you’ll survive is to become like them

Danielle: You call ‘er a sket to our face!

Shaks: Revenge is messy

Text: Sket

Text: credits

Text: In cinemas October 28