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The Princess and the Frog

Teachers' Notes

These resources feature images, clips and interview footage with Andreas Deja: Disney animator and creator of Mama Odie: the 'Fairy Godmother' in The Princess and the Frog.

The activities are written for 7 –11 year olds, and cover aspects of the Primary Literacy Strategy. They are designed to be used as part of a 10-week Literacy focused 'animated film' topic, or as activities that can be dipped into for ICT, Art and Design or Music.

Using information about the story, characters, animation, setting and music of Disney's The Princess and the Frog, learners are challenged to scan and interrogate the text and interview footage in order to select and record information relevant to the focus of enquiry. Their challenge: to make notes on the film in order to feed back to the rest of the class.

The Task

Find out about the Disney hand-drawn heritage and come up with your own presentation using the information from this website and your own research. You can make notes on the information by using the Notebook tool.

You won't be able to save the information that you put into the Notebook, but you will be able to print it out and use it when you come to create your own presenation.

Sketch of Mama Odie by Andreas Deja