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Film Education is committed to ensuring equal access to films and cinemas for people with challenges of all different types. We run screenings and competitions for children with a sensory impairment and/or physical disability in addition to special events for young people with behavioural conditions such as autism or Asperger’s syndrome. We campaign alongside organisations such the Royal National Institute for the Deaf, the Royal National Institute for the Blind and the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf.

During the design and construction of this website, produced entirely by our in-house development team, every effort has been made to conform to current guidelines and best practice. We have consulted a wide range of sources to ensure that we maintain a high level of accessibility throughout our web community.

We have re-developed some of our classic online resources to ensure that these also conform to current guidelines. However, there may be instances where you will find a mistake or an omission. Please accept our apologies in advance! We would also be grateful if you could take the time to give us any feedback about the accessibility of our site.

We hope you find this website enjoyable, interesting and accessible.

Website standards and accessibility

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Problems using the site

If you are experiencing any technical issues, or problems with the accessibility of the site, please contact

For all other enquiries, including those relating to content, resources and lesson plans, please contact