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Wide shot of cinema auditorium full of shoolchildren waring 3D glasses

Film Education’s approach to learning about film is that when its properly used in the classroom, film is a powerful educational tool which, can engage and enrich children and young people’s learning and lives. The value of the cinematic experience is also central to our approach, which is why we try to forge links between schools and their local cinema.

Our aim is to provide teachers with the resources and the expertise to introduce film into their teaching, be it History, Media Studies or Citizenship. Through resources on individual films as well as more generic resources, we aim to give teachers high quality, curriculum linked teaching materials which can be used within the technological possibilities of the classroom of the 21st century. Whether this be through web pages, DVDs or interactive discs, feedback from teachers suggests that we have got the approach and the content exactly right. The teachers who use our materials can rely on a solid educational experience.

2 delgates at a training event, sat in front of a computer

In support of our belief in the cinematic experience we organize events including National Schools Film Week which gives over 400,000 children and young people the opportunity to experience the cinema. For many this is their first experience of the “big screen”, for others it is the chance to see films that they might not normally choose to see . Overwhelmingly we have seen that children become engaged with the big screen experience and are astonished at the wide range of films that are available in their local cinemas.

In the coming years we aim to provide more opportunities for cinema visits to see a wide range of films as well developing new resources. Our users are our greatest asset and your input is vital. Do let us know if there is anything you would like us to develop or screen for you and your students.