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Oliver Twist

Film and Media

Film and Media title graphic - Roman Polanski talks to the actores in the workhosue scene

The activities on this site are designed to provide Film & Media students with a range of activities that offer AS and A2 students opportunities to develop their skills in a range of areas from sound to genre.

Several key concepts are covered, with activities that can be used to introduce a concept as well as used as homework and extension activities.

The activities here include a consideration of the both how the text generates meaning in specific ways, such as mise-en-scene and trailer analysis, the process of film making is also taken into consideration with activities such as script to screen and an historical look at the marketing process.

These activities can be used to compliment existing schemes of work, offering specific topic related tasks, in addition teachers may also wish to use these tasks as a way of introducing concepts or as a means of refreshing/reinforcing understanding by using activities as homework and or extension tasks.

The period nature of the film may also be useful in encouraging students explore in an overt way the construction process that occurs with any media text. Raising issues around the importance of appropriate mise-en-scene construction, as well as other ingredients that are added to a text to ensure that the spectator can suspend disbelief easily.

The resource develops an approach to the text which highlights the relationship between the social climate of the period, the novel and the process of adaptation. The contextual materials can be used to not only provide a flavor of period but also as a framework for examining other texts that reproduce the Victorian period (that may be taught at your center) as well as looking at the importance of context to the generation of characterization, appropriate dialogue and costume.


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