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Interviewing Anthony Fabian

In the weeks just before the launch of a film, a key part of its marketing and promotion depends on media coverage.  The main people involved in the film will usually make themselves available for interview.  Getting an interview at this time can be challenging – time is limited and there is a lot of competition for interview slots.  This is even truer today with the expansion of on-line publications and websites dedicated to the film industry and new releases.

One way film distribution companies solve the problem of giving all those that might want to interview a film’s director or the stars is to provide ready-made information that can be edited to create feature items for programmes.  For print media that information might be in the form of a press pack, for film broadcasters there are epks – electronic press kits which include key scenes for the film and a series of short filmed ‘talking head’ sequences in which stars, the director, writers and key technicians respond to pre-prepared questions. 

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