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Skin: Learning Resource by Film Education

Activity 1: Correcting Miss Lukid's lesson

You should download the abbreviated version of the early history of white people in South Africa and their relationship with the black people's they found there.  Your task is to use this raw material (plus information at some of the suggested websites) to come up with a piece of devised drama or a PowerPoint presentation to challenge the version of events provided by the history teacher in SKIN, Miss Ludik. You are also asked to challenge the picture she paints of the incompatibility of black and white peoples and the automatic ‘savagery’ of the peoples that the early settlers and later Boers encountered. (To refresh your memory  - click here to link to the original scene.)

One tactic might be to dream up a frozen tableau for one or more of the events in the list below and develop it as a drama exercise – e.g. a living timeline. 

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