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Education Under Apartheid

As long as you are dealing with a docile, unquestioning black population, you may be able to get away with all these changes.  But how are you going to ensure that ‘native’ people are going to accept the status quo while at the same time remaining sufficiently well trained to perform the functions needed to keep white households, businesses and industries going?

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The 1953 Bantu Education Act was passed with the explicit aim in mind of preventing black people getting the kind of schooling or training that might encourage them to want more from life other than working manually and for very poor wages.  Had Sandra Laing gone to a blacks only school rather than Piet Retief Primary she would have encountered limited facilities, demoralized teachers on low salaries and a curriculum designed to prepare her for manual work.  Among other subjects that were not offered were mathematics and the sciences.

To find out more go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bantu_Education_Act

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