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Being a soldier

A young man dressed in black points a rifle.
Three teenagers – two girls and a boy – crouch behind a log pile in the foreground of this long shot. At the rear of the shot, an armed uniformed soldier stands in the centre of a fiery blast.

Realising that the enemy forces will either capture or kill them, the group is forced to take difficult decisions. Do they give themselves up, or do they stand and fight? As the teenagers absorb what has happened to their town, Homer says, 'We have to start acting like soldiers.' Look at these still images from the film then using the prompt points below, talk about what you think Homer means.

  1. What do these images tell us about the work of a solider? How do you react to this work?
  2. Compare the two images showing Homer and the uniformed soldier pointing a gun. How are they similar and different?
  3. What do you think filmmakers are trying to say about war and the individual in these images?
  4. From what you know of the story, do you think Ellie, Homer and their friends are justified in taking up arms? Why?

In cinemas April 8th


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