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At the start of the film Tomorrow When The War Began, seven teenage characters seek independence from their parents when they go on a camping trip to an isolated location. On the trip, they can enjoy their freedom but they also face a range of potential hazards – from slips and scrapes to poisonous snakes. Some members of the group are better equipped than others for dealing with the challenges of living outdoors. Little do they know that, when they return home, their survival skills will be tested to the extreme.

The characters

Watch this extract from the trailer and discuss the questions below:

In cinemas April 8th


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How about a trip before we go back to school?

We'll get a bunch of us together and go further up the river than we've been before.

- You can see Cobbler's Bay from here.

- What is this, make-up?

- Do you even know where we're going?

- There's a clearing up ahead.

(Text) A place for freedom

(Music) All I knew is upside down

(Music) I found my feet but lost my ground

(Text) A time for friendship

(Music) But all I've done is just begun

(Text) And it was all

It's so beautiful out here.

Let's do this again, back here in the same place.

The same people.

(Text) About to change

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