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Moral character

Two teenage girls stand in the foreground in front of a garbage truck, hesitating as they look at something out of shot. A teenage boy is in the bucket of the truck behind them, also looking out of shot.

As their struggle against the invading forces becomes more violent and risky, all the characters go on their own moral journey and their courage and friendships are tested by the situations they confront.

Look closely at this still from Tomorrow When The War Began, then, using the prompts below, try to comment on what is suggested about the characters in the image. It is taken from a moment in the film when the teenagers are trying to escape from the armed invading forces. Lee, who you can see in the background, is injured; Robyn and Ellie, in the foreground, have to find a way to help him and themselves out of the situation. Click on the image to enlarge it.

  1. What qualities do you think are being displayed by the characters? Look closely at their body language and facial expressions.
  2. What qualities do you think would be needed in a situation like this? What emotions might make the situation harder to deal with?
  3. How would you react in this situation and why?

After you have seen the whole film, you will appreciate that some of the characters experience profound conflict between their personal moral codes and their fight for survival and the instinct to protect those they love. Talk about one or two examples of this from the film explaining your response to their situation and the choices the characters made.

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