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Teen heroes

Although the friends have enjoyed their independence on the camping trip, nothing could prepare them for what they find on their return. Discovering that invading forces have captured their families, the teenagers have to take tough decisions with no adults to guide them.

Watch the following clip of Caitlin Stasey (who plays the part of Ellie in the film) talking about how the filmmakers have tried to portray teenagers, and then answer the questions below:

In cinemas April 8th


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It was great. I think a few days after we'd started pre-production, the crew realised that they'd just inherited a bunch of kids and it was a little bit terrifying for them. But it was great.

It's really important that they aren't really assisted by adults throughout the entire thing.

It is a teenage coming-of-age film.

It's about, you know, their strength combined, and about being young and about being confused and not knowing what to do.

I think not having parental guidance was very, very important for this film and important for these characters because they had to make decisions themselves.

Time and time again, they're let down by adults because they weren't able to, you know, overcome the invading forces and they weren't able to help them and there's nobody around.

As far as they know, they're the only people that have survived. So according to them, adults are fairly useless at this point in time.

I think it's great. I think it's important that teenagers are shown in a better light because most people think that we are quite useless, I think, sometimes.

I remember reading that John Marsden wrote the book because he wanted teenagers to be shown in a positive light. Every generation, kids are lousy, they're useless.

So it was fantastic because not only are these teenagers so strong and so strong-willed and powerful, there's also a female lead, an action female lead, which I think are very far and few between, and she's just so courageous.

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