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Film clip



Locate this moment in the novel. What comparisons might you make in terms of the way the story is told in each version?


This clip from the film shows the moment where Magwitch appears in Pip's London house.

Watch the clip closely, twice; then, using the following headings, record your impressions of this short scene:

Based on this short scene, what comments might you make on the style of this adaptation?

Clip transcript


PIP: Who are you?

MAGWITCH: Wait, wait wait – shhh shhh, wait…

PIP: How did you get in here…? (Long pause) Good god! What are you…

MAGWITCH: You acted noble, my boy – noble and I’ve never forgot it!

PIP: Look if you’re grateful for what I did (glass smashes) as a boy it’s not necessary. Really! You must understand…

MAGWITCH: What must I understand?

PIP: That I cannot renew our acquaintance, that my life has changed since then. I am glad that you’re well and you’ve repented but really you must go. Please?

MAGWITCH: How about a drink first, before I go?