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First impressions

The first time that Pip meets Estella and Miss Havisham is also the first time that the audience are introduced to them. In the novel, these events are narrated by Pip and in the film, the audience is encouraged to share Pip’s bewildered and uncomfortable response to this difficult first meeting.


Read the extract below. Describe the impression you have of each of the characters in this passage using quotations to support your answer. Focus on the following:

  • What does each character do and say in this passage?
  • How are details about their dress and appearance conveyed? Look closely at the choices of language.
  • What do you understand about the relationships between the three characters?
  • Use your answers to create a set of director’s notes for the actors playing this scene. Your notes should describe the personality traits and behaviour of each character in this scene.

Download Extract from Chapter VII: