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Film clip



Watch this clip from the film. Which of the novel's key ideas and themes do you think are being explored here? How have they been interpreted by the filmmakers?

Watch closely at least twice, and in your answer, consider the following:

Clip transcript

ESTELLA: Give me your hand (pause). Be happy, Pip. This will pass in time. I’ll be out of your thoughts in a week!

PIP: Out of my thoughts? You’re in every thought! You’re part of my existence, you’re part of me – you’re in every thought, in every line I’ve ever read since I first came here. You’re in the river, the sails of ships, the sea, the clouds – the stones of London. Until the last hours of my life you will remain in me – part of the little good, part of the evil – and I will always think of the good.

(Music builds)

PIP: Goodbye, God bless you!