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  • Watch the trailer for the film closely. From your first viewing, what aspects of the trailer stood out most for you? What impression did you get of the kind of film this is?
  • Now watch a second time. Describe how the trailer is structured–what do we see, and in what order? How would you describe the atmosphere created, and what aspects of what you see and hear help create this atmosphere?
  • Why do you think the filmmakers have chosen this time of year (November) to release the film, as opposed to a summer release, for example? What aspects of the film’s plot or setting might have informed this decision? What else happens in the UK film industry around this time?

The Trailer

A film's trailer plays a key part in its marketing campaign. Trailers for films based on original screenplays need to convey the film’s genre and give a sense of character and plot to appeal to potential audiences. Trailers for films based on well-known 'classics', such as Great Expectations, must do all these things and more.

For audiences who don't know the story, the trailer needs to give basic plot and character information but for those who know it and who may have seen other adaptations, it needs to convey a sense of the film’s style and the director's interpretation, as well as offering information about production including casting choices. Those who already know the story will be looking to see which actors have been chosen for which roles, and how well these fit with their own expectations of the film.

Trailer transcript

(Sounds of bells; gulls; chains)

MAGWITCH: Hold your noise, hold your noise you little devil or I’ll cut your throat! Tell us yer name, quick!

PIP: Pip!

MAGWITCH: Once more, give it mouth!

PIP: Pip!



ESTELLA: Do you wish to see Miss Havisham?

MISS HAVISHAM: Let me look at you. Come closer!


MISS HAVISHAM: What do you think of her?

PIP: I think she’s very pretty

MISS HAVISHAM: You could break his heart!


JAGGERS: It is the desire of the benefactor that he be brought up as a gentleman in London

(Glasses smashing)

PIP: What do you think?

JAGGERS: There are conditions of course – the first is that the name of the benefactor remain a profound secret. The second thing, that you always retain the name


He has come into a handsome fortune and he has great expectations

ESTELLA: You must know I have no heart

PIP: I don’t believe it

ESTELLA: I have been made that way

MISS HAVISHAM: If she wounds you, love her if she fails you, love her. If she tears your heart to pieces, love her – love her, love!

PIP: How can you give your affections to that man – the looks and smiles you never give to me?

ESTELLA: Do you want me to deceive you?

PIP: Do you deceive him?

ESTELLA: Yes! All men but you.


PIP: You risked your life to come to me!

JAGGERS: If he’s found he will hang

MAGWITCH: I was sent for life. It is death to come back


PIP: I have loved you since I first saw you in this house

ESTELLA: But it touches nothing, here

PIP: It’s not natural!

ESTELLA: It is natural in me!

PIP: Yet still I love you

JAGGERS: You believed what you chose to believe

PIP: Was that kind?

MISS HAVISHAM: Who am I to be kind!

PIP: Estella? Come with me now


(Music builds)

(Cannon fires)

MISS HAVISHAM: I stole her heart away and put ice in its place

PIP: You’re in every thought. You’re part of my existence, part of me