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Me and Orson Welles

[cert 12A, 103 mins]

Me & Orson Welles is set in the exciting world of the New York Theatre. Teenage student Richard Samuels (Zac Efron) lucks his way into a minor role in the legendary 1937 Mercury Theatre production of Julius Caesar, directed by a youthful Orson Welles (strikingly portrayed by newcomer Christian McKay.). Over the course of a magical week, Richard makes his Broadway debut, finds romance with an ambitious older woman, and experiences the dark side of genius after daring to cross the imperious, brilliant Welles. Richard has to grow up FAST.

Young man shakes the hand of another man in a hat on a park bench

Director: Richard Linklater

Starring: Zac Efron, Ben Chaplin, Claire Danes, Kelly Reilly, Eddie Marsan

Level: AS, A2, GCSE

Subjects: Drama, English, Film Studies, Media Studies, Theatre Studies

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