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Astro Boy

[cert PG, 105 mins]

In Metro City, scientist Dr Tenma, an expert in the field of robot technology, creates a robot using advanced 'blue energy' and with the most incredible abilities ever imagined. His creation is produced with x-ray vision, super speed and strength, along with the power to fly. He makes it in the likeness of his late son and thus, Astro Boy is born. A long journey lies ahead of him; on the one hand he must face up to being different from the other children he meets and, on the other, he has many enemies who stand in the way of Metro City's survival and continued prosperity. After first hitting our screens in 1960, Japan's anime hero The Mighty Atom gets the full CGI makeover.

Cartoon boy with a stream of light coming from his eyes

Director: David Bowers

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Charlize Theron, Samuel L. Jackson, Freddie Highmore, Bill Nighy

Level: KS2

Subjects: Art & Design, Literacy

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