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Film Title Cert Level Subjects Resources
James and the Giant Peach U KS1, KS2 Art & Design, Literacy, PHSE James and the Giant Peach study guide
Jane Eyre PG AS, A2, GCSE English Jane Eyre study guide
Jasper, Penguin Explorer U KS1, KS2 Art & Design, Geography, Literacy, Science Jasper Penguin Explorer resource
JFK 15 AS, A2, GCSE Film Studies, History, Media Studies JFK study guide
Judge Dredd 15 AS, A2, GCSE Design & Technology, Media Studies Judge Dredd study guide
Jules et Jim PG AS, A2 Film Studies French Nouvelle Vague
Jungle Book, The (Rudyard Kipling's) PG KS2 Citizenship, Geography, Literacy The Jungle Book study guide
Juno 12A GCSE Citizenship, PHSE Juno study guide
Jurassic Park PG KS2 Art & Design, Design & Technology Jurassic Park study guide

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