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Film Title Cert Level Subjects Resources
Fahrenheit 9/11 15 AS, A2 Citizenship, Creative & Media, English, Film Studies, Media Studies Fahrenheit 9/11 study guide
Fairytale: A True Story U KS1, KS2 Art & Design, Design & Technology, ICT, Literacy, Science Fairytale: A True Story study guide
Fantasia 2000 U KS2 Art & Design, Music Fantasia 2000 study guide
Fast Food Nation 15 AS, A2, GCSE, Scottish Highers Citizenship, Economics, Film Studies, General Studies, Media Studies Fast Food Nation Study Guides
Fast Girls 12A AS, A2, KS3, KS4 Citizenship, Film Studies, Media Studies, Physical Education, PHSE Fast Girls resource
Fighter, The 15 AS, A2, KS4 Citizenship, Media Studies The Fighter study notes
Finding Forrester 12 AS, A2, GCSE, KS4 Citizenship, Critical Thinking, English, Film Studies Finding Forrester Study Guide
Finding Nemo U KS1, KS2 Art & Design, Geography, ICT, Literacy, PSHE & Citizenship, Science Finding Nemo study guide
Finding Neverland PG KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 English, Media Studies, Theatre Studies Finding Neverland study guide
Fog of War, The 15 AS, A2, KS4 Film Studies, Media Studies Fog of War online resource
Food Inc. PG AS, A2, GCSE, Scottish Highers, KS3, KS4 Citizenship, Critical Thinking, Film Studies, General Studies, Geography, Media Studies, Science Food, Inc.
Forrest Gump 12 GCSE History, Media Studies Forrest Gump study guide
Fox and the Child, The (Renard et l'Enfant, Le) U KS2 Geography, Literacy, PSHE & Citizenship, Science The Fox and the Child online resource
Frankenstein, (Mary Shelley's) 15 GCSE English, Media Studies Frankenstein study guide
Frankenweenie PG KS2 Art & Design, Literacy Frankenweenie online resource
Free Men 12A AS, A2, KS4 Film Studies, French, History, Media Studies Free Men study guide
Freedom Writers 12A AS, A2, GCSE, Scottish Highers, KS3, KS4 Citizenship, Film Studies, General Studies, History, Media Studies, Politics Freedom Writers study guide
Furry Vengeance PG KS2 Art & Design, English, ICT, PSHE & Citizenship, Science Furry Vengeance

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