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Film Title Cert Level Subjects Resources
Gandhi PG GCSE, KS4 History, Media Studies Gandhi study guide
Gandhi, My Father PG AS, A2, GCSE, Scottish Highers Citizenship, Film Studies, General Studies Gandhi My Father study notes
Gimme the Loot 15 AS, A2, KS4 Art & Design, Citizenship, Film Studies, Media Studies
Glory 15 AS, A2, GCSE History Glory study guide
Gnomeo and Juliet U KS1, KS2 Citizenship, Literacy Gnomeo & Juliet study notes
Godfather, The 18 AS, A2, GCSE Film Studies, Media Studies The Godfather study guide
Golden Compass, The PG KS2 Art & Design, Literacy, PSHE & Citizenship The Golden Compass study guide
Gone with the Wind PG AS, A2, GCSE Media Studies Gone with the Wind study guide
Good Night and Good Luck PG AS, A2, GCSE Citizenship, English, Film Studies, History, Media Studies Good Night and Good Luck study guide
Goodbye Lenin! 15 AS, A2, GCSE Film Studies, German, History, Media Studies Good Bye Lenin! study guide
Grande Illusion, La U KS4 French, History La Grande Illusion study guide
Great Expectations (2012) 12A AS, A2, KS4 Drama, English, Media Studies Great Expectations online resource
Green Zone 15 AS, A2, KS4 Film Studies, Media Studies Green Zone study notes
Grinch, The PG KS2 Art & Design, Design & Technology, Literacy The Grinch study guide
Guide to Recognising Your Saints, A 15 AS, A2 Film Studies, Media Studies A Guide to Recognising Your Saints study guide

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