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Medium close-up shot of a man in armour and cloak. He has long blond hair.

Audience appeal

From Norse mythology to the present day, super heroes remain a popular part of shared culture. Films in this genre offer audiences heroes that they can admire for their superior skills or strength.

But super heroes are very rarely perfect: many have a flaw or a weakness that can cause them trouble and Thor is no exception. As he casts him out of Asgard, taking away his weapon and his powers, Thor’s father Odin says to his son ‘You are a vain, greedy and cruel boy’.


In this activity you will be shown an image of Thor. Look closely at the image. What details could you point out in this shot to demonstrate Thor’s strengths and any weaknesses? Use the boxes to fill in your answers then drag these to the appropriate place on the image. When you have finished use the print function to record your work.

Launch activity


‘All super heroes have to have a weakness. If they were completely perfect it would be difficult for audiences to relate to them’

What are your views on this statement?

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