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An older bearded man and younger clean shaven man wearing armour and cloaks. He has long blond hair.


The construction of characters onscreen is the result of many creative professionals working together: screen writers, directors, costume and make-up artists, and of course the actors. Finding the right actor to play the part is a key process in creating a world onscreen.

The British actor Anthony Hopkins plays Thor’s father Odin, and Australian actor Chris Hemsworth plays Thor. The two characters have a complicated relationship, but are closely linked in this image.

Your task is to analyse this image in terms of the way that the relationship of Odin and Thor is repeated in terms of physical appearance, positioning, body language and expression.

Launch activity

Extension activity

Now research these three actors who feature in the film, using the questions below to guide your findings:

  • Chris Hemsworth (Thor)
  • Anthony Hopkins (Odin)
  • Natalie Portmann

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