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Fantasy and reality

The audience knows that Asgard is a mythical place; in a different way, the Earth represented in the film is not part of real life either. The challenge for the filmmakers is to give each of these different places – Asgard and Earth - its own ‘reality’ so that audiences can believe in each of them.

In the film, Thor is forced out of Asgard, the realm of the Asgardians, and cast down to Earth. As we follow Thor’s journey between the two worlds, we see them both through his eyes. There are clear contrasts between the worlds of Earth and Asgard that are highlighted by Thor’s reaction to the characters and events he is presented with on our planet.


You will be shown two images, one depicting a scene in Asgard and one on Earth. You will be asked to think about how these show Thor's experience of both places and how the film makers have created two different worlds.

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