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Who is Thor?

Activities in this section explore how character is created across different texts: written text in the form of the film synopsis, image text in the film poster and moving image text in the trailer.

Designed to develop students' skills of close reading and analysis these activities require students to use a range interactive tools to apply and develop these skills as they explore key elements of the film.

(News reporters talk over each other)

Sir, we found it.

- Government agencies have now cordoned off the area…

- Jane, I think you’ll wanna see this.

You alright?

- You dare threaten me, Thor, with so puny a weapon?

- What? He was freaking me out.

- Where did he come from?


- He said it was, Thor?

You know for a crazy homeless person he’s pretty cut.

How’d you get inside that cloud?

- Also, how could you eat an entire box of pop-tarts and still be this hungry?

- This drink (HOLDS UP MUG) I like it. Another! (SMASHES MUG ON THE FLOOR)

- This is going on Facebook. Smile!

Your ancestors called it magic and you call it science. Well where I come from they are one in the same.

- Well who are you really?

- You’ll see soon enough.

- God, I hope you’re not crazy.

Do you swear to guard the lives of the innocent and preserve the peace?

- I swear.

I will destroy their kind.

- You can’t kill an entire race!

- Then die with them!

(Text) This year

- These people are innocent. I have no plans to die today.

(Text) The Battle

(Text) Comes to earth

I will return

(Text) Thor

You don’t know what your actions would unleash.

Marvel, Paramount