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Chorus, The (Les Choristes)

[cert 12A, 96 mins]

Set in a correctional house for wayward boys, the film charts the progress of new music teacher Clement Mathieu (Gerard Jugnot), and his attempts to instill a little love and hope into his wayward students. The boys range from the socially awkward to outright bullies, and are always ready for a spot of stealing and fighting. Their teachers are largely apathetic and the school is ruled by the severe Rachin (François Berleand), a Head who fails to tolerate the most minor trouble. The success of the choir comes to the rescue of the school, and the pupils lose their tough exteriors and develop into respectable young men

Still of a choir singing

Director: Christopher Barratier

Starring: Gerard Jugnot, François Berleand, Kad Merad, Jean-Paul Bonnaire

Level: AS, A2

Subjects: Drama, French, Music

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