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Sequence Analysis- A Boy Called Dad

How is meaning created in this sequence?


Refer to the key terms to guide you in answering these questions.

  1. How do setting, location, props and costume choices contribute to your interpretation of the sequence? Consider what information these convey.
  2. How does the sound shape your responses to the sequence? Comment on dialogue, tone, incidental sound and any music you notice, exploring their impact on your emotional response to the sequence.
  3. How do lighting and colour affect tone and atmosphere? Explore lighting choices, including noticeable use of light and shadow, as well as considering choice of colour.
  4. How does camera technique contribute to the creation of meaning in this sequence? Consider the effects of camera position and angle, choosing an example interior and exterior shot. What is the effect of the handheld camerawork in the final shot?
  5. Consider the ways in which the editing affects our interpretation of what we see in this sequence. How important are pace and continuity in shaping your response to what you see? How does the use of jump cuts impact upon:
    • film time
    • your response to character
    • tone?