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Sequence Analysis- A Boy Called Dad

Location, set, costume and props

All help to establish and reinforce character and plot. Often referred to as mise en scène.

Term Description


Where the scene is taking place.

This may be an interior or exterior location, or a studio set designed to replicate a location.

Set design

How the scene is designed in accordance with the story and themes.

Whether on location or in a studio, decisions will be made about what props, costume, colours and lighting are appropriate for how the scene should look. Also, the set will be designed to establish time and place.


Visual aids to enhance storytelling or clues to help develop the plot.

Props include a variety of things so they can be categorised as follows:

Hand props: items that are handled by the actor. Examples might be a cup of tea or a gun.

Costume props: items that are handled by the actor associated with their costume. Examples of costume props are hats, bags and umbrellas.

Set props: items used to dress the set. Examples of set props are furniture, pictures and curtains.

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