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Sequence Analysis- A Boy Called Dad

What is the film about?

Transcript Transcript
  1. Describe what you think is happening in the sequence. What do you think is significant about what you can see?
  2. Describe the two characters, their relationship and their actions in the sequence.
  3. What kind of production does this seem to be, and what genre does this sequence seem to belong to? Explain your answer, describing any genre features you can identify in this extract.
  4. What questions would you want to ask about the rest of the film? Based on what you have seen, what predictions might you make about narrative events that have already occurred and developments following this sequence?
  5. Do you think the sequence highlights any social issues? You may wish to consider how the following are represented:
    • gender
    • class
    • teenage fathers
  6. From watching this sequence do you feel that the film has a 'message' for its audience – is it trying to put across particular ideas or viewpoints? Explain your answer.