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Sequence Analysis- A Boy Called Dad

Trailer and synopsis


The official synopsis and theatrical trailer are carefully constructed to set up certain expectations about a film. Before you begin analysing the sequence from A Boy Called Dad, read the synopsis below and view the trailer, then answer the questions that follow.

"All I ever wanted was a dad. Instead I got a son..."

When he becomes a father at the tender age of 14, Robbie’s life quickly spirals out of control. Feeling angry and neglected by his own dad, he kick-starts a series of events that will catapult him at great speed into adulthood.

A Boy Called Dad is directed by double BAFTA winner Brian Percival and written by BAFTA winner Julie Rutherford.

Watch the trailer once then discuss these questions with a partner:

  1. What images do you remember and what might these suggest about the film’s themes?
  2. What do you remember from the soundtrack (the lyrics and the melody) and what might it suggest about the mood of the film?
  3. What ideas do you have about the genre of the film?

Watch the trailer again, adding further details to your answers.

Please note: this trailer contains some strong language and is recommended only for students aged 15 and over.